Wang Zhen (Wang Chen)

Wang Zhen (Wang Chen)
b. 14th century China
d. 14th century China
Chinese writer on agricultural affairs and practice.
Wang Zhen was a native of Shandong Province and was employed as a Government official. He wrote the Wang Zhen Nung Shu c. 1313 as a text to be used by local officials in their instruction of the peasantry. The text was also used as a means of spreading information on potentially useful developments from one region to another.
Curious inaccuracies in the text indicate that Wang Zhen's knowledge of agriculture was not firsthand, but rather that his texts are the distillation of information derived from interviews with farmers. In this the text differs from the other major Chinese texts, which are clearly the work of individuals with personal knowledge of the subject about which they were writing.
Further Reading
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